Burmese American Science and Engineering Society is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization of the Burmese community in Southern California.  It was established based on the objectives of giving a helping hand to new arrivals/immigrants from Burma.  All BASES Officers and Executive Committee Members are volunteers. BASES is not an employer, has no interests in any business ventures, and is not influenced by any companies or employers under any circumstances.

BASESUSA.ORG website is owned by BASES and run by an appointed Webmaster and assisting members.  For benefits to new comers as well as visitors to the website in search of employment and contacts, occasional job openings from companies and worthy news of interest from local Burmese community are posted for general information.  BASES or BASESUSA.ORG website assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever under any circumstances for hazards, risks, disputes, disagreements, arguments, debates, or for any related personal injuries, property damage, or emotional damage, arising directly or indirectly from an individual’s participation in activities related to any posted messages or job openings on BASESUSA.ORG website.  Individuals should exercise their own judgments in evaluation and participation related to the messages, contents, and contacts.  In addition, BASES website is not a forum for posting individual personal affairs, disputes, or arguments, and it reserves the rights to totally and solely determine its contents in accordance with guiding principles set by its Officers and EC Members.